About Us

Ossi Corporation innovates, designs and distributes various dental products to the dental community. Ossi takes pride in being creative and our products stand out in their uniqueness within the dental community. Our product development team brings items to market that the professionals demand by embracing the latest in technology and design innovations. With our team of representatives throughout North and South America we try to give personalized attention and service to our users and customers and are committed to respond efficiently and promptly to our questions and concerns.

New Technologies


With every project there must be a plan! At OSSI Corp we pride ourselves for being ahead of the curve in all aspects of the planning process. We understand that time is valuable and we believe that we can make the best products in the most efficient ways.

Eco Materials


At OSSI Corp we take pride in having planned and designed multiple dental facilities, manufactured multiple dental products of our own designs, and redesigned outdated products of the past. Our design team uses the latest technologies, making OSSI Corp a leader in dental development.

Fresh Solutions


Do you have an amazing idea? OSSI Corp is the ultimate hub for new ideas in the dental field. At OSSI Corp we stress the importance of keeping an open mind and accepting all ideas in the dental startup community. We have the capability and the resources to develop new ideas into real products.


OSSI Corp is a partner with a range of companies worldwide. As we pride ourselves on the ability to form connections and links in the dental community globally and locally, OSSI Corp is a pioneer in dental development. We work with a multitude of distributors and our name comes up as a rising company in their magazines, catalogues, websites and social media outlets. For example, our DINO chair was featured in the Sidekick Magazine by Henry Schein Inc. and Dentistry Today Magazine as a forward thinking product.